About Me

Hey! Welcome to Kinks, Curls & More.

In a nutshell, I'm a 20-something natural hair fanatic, navigating my way through graduate life and leaving a trail of coconut oil behind me.

Kinks, Curls and More was launched in 2013, when I decided to take on a 'Heat Free Challenge' to let go of my obsession with straightening my hair. The blog has grown since then and become a platform for me to share my tips, reviews, DIY product recipes and even some life updates, with the main aim of encouraging other women (and men too) to embrace their natural hair and learn to care for it properly.

Although the blogs have been sporadic at times due to the pressures of university, now I've finished and settled into graduate life I have lots more regular hair and lifestyle content planned. I'm excited for the future of Kinks, Curls & More, and I'd love for you to subscribe and keep updated with all that's to come on the blog.

Feel free to contact me via email : kinkscurlsandmoreblog@gmail.com

Much love,

Nicole xx

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  1. Hey Nicole... Very proud of you for this site! Well done. (Btw, It's Dawn Morgan - this is my google name)