7 October 2016

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wash Day Routine

"Sorry I can't make it, I'm washing my hair"... Yeah sometimes that's actually a real excuse! I'm sure every girl with kinky/curly hair can relate to the fact that hair washing can be a long process, so there's usually a whole day or at least a big part of a day dedicated to the cause - Wash day.

Well, here's 6 simple ways for you to improve your wash day by making the process slightly easier and hopefully a little bit quicker too so that the struggle isn't quite so real anymore!

1. Detangle your hair first

Before you jump in the shower to start shampooing your hair, put a little bit of time aside to detangle your hair. I prefer to finger detangle because its more gentle on the hair and is less likely to cause damage, but if you're short of time then use a wide tooth comb. Detangling first will reduce the risk of knots once your hair gets wet and starts to shrink.

2. Wash your hair in sections

Once you've detangled your hair put it into 4-8 plaits or twists to keep it in sections and wash it one section at a time. Unravel one section,  gently shampoo it, rinse it, plait/twist it back up, move on to the next section. Follow the same process for conditioning, but leave your plaits/twists in when you rinse the conditioner out so a little bit still stays in the hair and keeps it soft.

By washing the hair in sections there's less chance of all your hair tangling back up again, especially if you have lots of thick hair.

3. Use a heated cap for deep conditioning

Applying heat to the hair whilst deep conditioning helps the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and will leave your hair feeling more moisturised and nourished. It also means that you can deep condition for less time, so instead of sitting for half an hour to let it work its magic on your hair with no heat, you can apply mild heat for a shorter period of time and probably get better results.

Heated caps allow you to wander around the house and get stuff done whilst deep conditioning - multitasking at its finest. If you don't have a heated cap you can just put your blow dryer on a low setting and use this to apply heat instead and it will do the trick.

4. Swap the towel for a t-shirt

Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel after washing it, tie it up in an old t-shirt. The materials towels are made with tend to dry the hair out too much and leave it frizzy, when all you want to do is remove the excess water from the hair. T-shirts will remove the excess water while still leaving moisture in the hair so your curls wont be as dry and frizzy, which is much easier to handle and will still leave your curls popping.

5. Have a spray bottle on hand

If you're going to style your hair straight away then keep a spray bottle on hand to spritz your hair when it starts to dry out. I like to put my hair in 8-10 braids to dry and by the time I get half way through its already started to dry out. Manipulating dry hair is difficult and leaves it prone to breakage, but in the same way soaking wet hair can be damaging too, so a little spritz will just give enough moisture to do the least harm and help loosen any hairs that may have tangled.

** Try mixing water with a little bit of your favourite oil and maybe some conditioner to fill your spray bottle **

6. Use the right tools 

Wash day will be a whole lot easier if you have the right styling tools... Use clips to keep the hair in sections when you're applying your leave in conditioners, moisturisers, oils, butters etc post hair wash. It saves a lot of frustration if you hate it when your hair is falling all over the place and getting in the way when you're trying to braid/twist/keep neat parts. Also keep a wide tooth comb on hand to help with any detangling if you're not into finger detangling.

Happy hair washing!

Nicole xx

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