7 October 2016

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wash Day Routine

"Sorry I can't make it, I'm washing my hair"... Yeah sometimes that's actually a real excuse! I'm sure every girl with kinky/curly hair can relate to the fact that hair washing can be a long process, so there's usually a whole day or at least a big part of a day dedicated to the cause - Wash day.

Well, here's 6 simple ways for you to improve your wash day by making the process slightly easier and hopefully a little bit quicker too so that the struggle isn't quite so real anymore!

1. Detangle your hair first

Before you jump in the shower to start shampooing your hair, put a little bit of time aside to detangle your hair. I prefer to finger detangle because its more gentle on the hair and is less likely to cause damage, but if you're short of time then use a wide tooth comb. Detangling first will reduce the risk of knots once your hair gets wet and starts to shrink.