10 June 2015

How To Straighten Hair Without Heat Damage

For me, natural hair is all about versatility and I love the fact that if you want to you can have kinky curly hair one day, straight the next and blown out after that. Even though I wear my hair predominantly in its kinky/curly/coily state, occasionally I fancy a change and want to go back to straight hair and I know a lot of naturals choose to wear their hair mainly straight.

I think it's safe to say that one of the biggest fears that a natural has when straightening their hair is heat damage  - the thought that months or even years of trying to get healthy hair could be spoiled by getting straightener happy is actually pretty scary, as silly as it might sound! So I wanted to share how I manage to straighten my hair without getting any heat damage and keep my coils in tact!

1. Wash hair and use moisturising protein conditioner

3 June 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Root 2 Tip Grow-it-long Scalp Serum

If you follow me on Instagram (@nicoleshamerra) then you will have seen that I bought the Root 2 Tip Grow-it-long Scalp Serum a couple of months ago and this review is well overdue! I've struggled with having dry, itchy scalp for years and I've tried so many home remedies and products that I've lost count...
 Then I came across this game changer! Even though my scalp still isn't perfect, it's much better than before and I can easily say that the Grow-it-long scalp serum will be a permanent fixture in my hair cupboard for the foreseeable future - I'm already preparing to repurchase when it runs out!


Admittedly at first I thought this was quite pricey (as a student I usually prefer products the other side of £10!) BUT I do understand that sometimes if you want good quality ingredients then you need to pay a little bit more and this serum is organic and 100% natural! Also as a small UK business the cost to produce is likely to be more than for huge US companies that can produce on mass for a cheaper cost (hence the lower prices).