24 January 2015

4 Signs That You Need A Trim

Whether you're natural, relaxed or transitioning it's important to keep your ends healthy by trimming off the damaged, split, broken and straight up tired ends. Hanging on to those ends won't do you any favours and your hair looks and feels so much healthier when the 'bad bits' have been trimmed off. So in light of this I thought I'd give a few tips to help you figure out if it's time to reach for those scissors and get snipping!

Signs that you need a trim

1. Your hair tapers significantly towards the bottom 
I spotted this image on Pinterest and I think it's a great way of illustrating how to clearly see if your hair is tapering towards the ends. If your hair is cut at varying lengths then of course there will be some tapering when you braid your hair, but you should be able to tell whether it is from how your hair has been cut vs if it has been caused by damage (you know your hair best).