24 August 2015

Hairspiration: Thandie Newton for New African Woman Magazine

I spotted the ultimate natural hair inspiration this week from Thandie Newton in her New African Woman magazine shoot.

Thandie transitioned to natural a few years ago and has spoken openly a few times about her decision to do this, as well as how she deals with her daughter's hair. You can read one of her fab interviews on here. For this shoot she was given a range of different natural hairstyles and there's no denying that she looks stunning - Yaasasss girl!


21 August 2015

Graduation and Jamaica!

So I realise that I haven't blogged in a while, but last month I got pretty caught up completing an internship, celebrating my graduation and exploring Jamaica. Yes, July was a pretty good month for me! (I have no excuse for August).

Anyway, seeing as I've abandoned my blog for a while, I thought the least that I could do is share a bit about what I got up to.


Four years hard work all paid off and I finally graduation from DMU with a first class degree! Final year really was a struggle but once I set my mind to something, there's no other option but to do it; so I pulled it together and got on with it. 

Graduation was a great way to finish off university, but I have to admit I think I was expecting something a bit more spectacular since I did work my ass off to get there! Anyway, I made it across the stage without falling on my face and I got to take my mandatory graduation photo - what more could I want?

The biggest thing I learned throughout university? Stop worrying so much and just trust in God.

Philippians 4:6 (NKJV): "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus"

10 June 2015

How To Straighten Hair Without Heat Damage

For me, natural hair is all about versatility and I love the fact that if you want to you can have kinky curly hair one day, straight the next and blown out after that. Even though I wear my hair predominantly in its kinky/curly/coily state, occasionally I fancy a change and want to go back to straight hair and I know a lot of naturals choose to wear their hair mainly straight.

I think it's safe to say that one of the biggest fears that a natural has when straightening their hair is heat damage  - the thought that months or even years of trying to get healthy hair could be spoiled by getting straightener happy is actually pretty scary, as silly as it might sound! So I wanted to share how I manage to straighten my hair without getting any heat damage and keep my coils in tact!

1. Wash hair and use moisturising protein conditioner

3 June 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Root 2 Tip Grow-it-long Scalp Serum

If you follow me on Instagram (@nicoleshamerra) then you will have seen that I bought the Root 2 Tip Grow-it-long Scalp Serum a couple of months ago and this review is well overdue! I've struggled with having dry, itchy scalp for years and I've tried so many home remedies and products that I've lost count...
 Then I came across this game changer! Even though my scalp still isn't perfect, it's much better than before and I can easily say that the Grow-it-long scalp serum will be a permanent fixture in my hair cupboard for the foreseeable future - I'm already preparing to repurchase when it runs out!


Admittedly at first I thought this was quite pricey (as a student I usually prefer products the other side of £10!) BUT I do understand that sometimes if you want good quality ingredients then you need to pay a little bit more and this serum is organic and 100% natural! Also as a small UK business the cost to produce is likely to be more than for huge US companies that can produce on mass for a cheaper cost (hence the lower prices).

7 February 2015

My thoughts: Dove's Love Your Curls Campaign

Love Your Curls is a new campaign recently launched by Dove and as a marketing student and a hair enthusiast I had to share my thoughts...

In the advert Dove shares some thought provoking stats:
Only 4 out of 10 girls with naturally curly hair think their hair is beautiful. 

Girls are 7 times more likely to love their curls if the people around them do

I know first hand how it feels to want nothing more than 'beautiful' straight hair - I used to be the girl begging her mum for a relaxer, straightening my hair every day and running from the rain like it was going to kill me. Despite this I still felt really disappointed and actually quiet sad to know that so many little curlies out there are looking in the mirror and longing for their hair to be straight, even though what they have is already beautiful.

24 January 2015

4 Signs That You Need A Trim

Whether you're natural, relaxed or transitioning it's important to keep your ends healthy by trimming off the damaged, split, broken and straight up tired ends. Hanging on to those ends won't do you any favours and your hair looks and feels so much healthier when the 'bad bits' have been trimmed off. So in light of this I thought I'd give a few tips to help you figure out if it's time to reach for those scissors and get snipping!

Signs that you need a trim

1. Your hair tapers significantly towards the bottom 
I spotted this image on Pinterest and I think it's a great way of illustrating how to clearly see if your hair is tapering towards the ends. If your hair is cut at varying lengths then of course there will be some tapering when you braid your hair, but you should be able to tell whether it is from how your hair has been cut vs if it has been caused by damage (you know your hair best).