17 October 2014

Hairspiration: Tia & Tamera

It's been a long time since Tia and Tamera's Sister Sister days and now they are beautiful grown women still holding their own in Hollywood. I've been a huge fan since their Nickelodeon days and I'm loving how they are sharing their natural hair journey via social media and  giving some serious hairspiration at the same time!

Just because you're natural doesn't mean everyday curly hair and Tia and Tamera are perfect examples of the versatility of natural hair. They're constantly varying between their curls, straightened hair and wearing wigs and weaves and giiirrrlll do they rock these styles well.

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8 October 2014

DIY: Sugar Scalp Scrub

I'm sure most of you have heard of using a sugar scrub for the lips, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a sugar scrub on your scalp? Probably not, because it's quite an unusual concept. However, I stumbled across the idea whilst looking online for natural remedies for dry scalp issues today and decided to give it a go seeing as my scalp was in a pretty bad state.

The recipe I found is in the above photo, however I chose to use Almond Oil instead. You can use any oil of your preference. All you have to do is mix the sugar and oil together to form a paste and use prior to washing hair. Also note that brown sugar is recommended but I used what I had in the kitchen ('golden granulated' is nearly brown sugar right?).