29 September 2014

Back to blogging

I'm back...It's been a while, but I am definitely back now.

It's fair to say that at the beginning of summer everything got quite hectic for me in between finishing a work placement, moving house and preparing for a volunteering trip to Morocco. In the midst of all this Kinks, Curls and More slipped to the back of my mind and I started to lose my blogging mojo. 

Now after all the fun of summer I'm trying to start off the new academic year as I mean to go on, including getting Kinks, Curls and More back to a being a blog worth reading. Although I am going into my final year at university, I will be trying hard to keep the posts regular both on here, Facebook and Pinterest - between all the assignments I think it might be the only thing to keep me sane!

Considering that I haven't posted all summer, I definitely have a lot to share... I'll start with a new post this week ;)

PS. Click the instagram link on the right hand side of the page to see whats been distracting me this summer.