12 February 2014

Mini Twists!

If you read my Winter Regime Update post, then you would have seen that I have been consistently doing mini twists as my protective style during the week. I am completely in love with the twists that I put in this week, so I wanted to share the details and some photos.

No Heat - My scalp has been quite dry recently, which I am sure has something to do with the fact that I have been lightly blowdrying it after washing to thin my roots out a bit before twisting. As a result, I opted to play the long game this week and let my hair airdry and stretch it without applying heat.

After washing my hair I put it into 5 bantu knots and left them in for a few hours. When it was around 50% dry I unravelled the bantu knots and halfed the sections so that it would dry a little quicker and stretch my hair at the roots more. I left these in overnight and until the afternoon the next day (see why I said I was playing the LONG game now?)

Results - My hair was left feeling more moisturised than when I blow-dry it and it stretched just as well! You can see in this photo that the roots weren't left puffy at all.

Products used - 
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie  >  Great for twisting with as it gives a little bit of hold but doesn't make hair stiff at all as well as keeping hair moisturised. It is also great for twistouts and I am pulling to unravel these twists for a killer one at the weekend!

My DIY Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil Whip to seal  >  Just the right consistency to seal in the moisture during this awful weather and light enough to not weigh the hair down.

Virgin Coconut Oil  >  Put on my scalp in all the section parts. Coconut oil is great for moisturizing dry scalps and strengthening hair.

Rope Twist Method
I twist using the rope twist method, which you can see a tutorial for >here< (It's a long video, but there is no need to watch it all!).I find that this method makes the twists tighter and helps them to stay neater for a longer time, especially at the roots! My hair is very soft so often the roots become messy quickly and this is seems to work well as a solution to this. 

So basically, the moral of the post is that I love these twists! They seem to be coming out on top as my #1 protective style this winter!

4 February 2014

Blog's 1 Year Birthday!

Yesterday was Kinks, Curls and More's first birthday, so I had to do a quick post to mark the occasion! First of all a massive thank you to all you followers - those who have been reading the posts from the very beginning and the newbies. Your support is much appreciated!

I've learned so much about my hair and how to handle it over this past year and hopefully I have been able to pass on some information along the way. It all started with the Heat-Free Challenge which forced me to experiment more with my curls and then I got hooked on natural hair! I was the girl that was never seen without bone straight hair and last year I went 9 months without using straighteners because learning about my natural hair, it's versatility and how to handle it was so much fun!

I have some exciting plans for this next year so keep reading! Follow Kinks, Curls and More on Facebook & Subscribe to stay updated!

God Bless x