11 January 2014

Review - Hair Therapy Wrap

The Hair Therapy Wrap was definitely high up on my Christmas list this year, so I was more than happy when I discovered this underneath the Christmas tree! I have used it a couple of times since Christmas and loved it, so I wanted to share my review.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is suitable for all hair types and textures, so pretty much any one can use it and feel the benefit. It is ideal for aiding deep conditioning sessions as the gentle heat helps to encourage the conditioner to penetrate the hair follicles. I have found out over time that adding heat to my hair whilst deep conditioning definitely leaves my hair softer and more moisturised than without.

Included in the package:

  • 1 x Fabric Wrap
  • 3 x Gel Packs
  • 3 x Plastic Caps
  • Instructions

How it works:
The fabric wrap is designed so that you can place it on your head, wrap it however loosely or tightly you need to and secure it with velcro. There are pockets to insert the heated gel packs, which help to keep the heat in. Also the plastic caps are to be worn underneath the wrap to stop direct contact with your hair and insulate the heat inside for optimal results. The instructions suggest you wear the cap for no longer than 20 minutes.

My thoughts:

I love it!! I have used it a couple of times since Christmas and it has definitely lived up to my expectations - here's why...

  1. It maintains its temperature for the duration. The fabric stops it from being too hot on your heat, whilst allowing the heat through
  2. Because it is cordless its perfect for deep conditioning whilst getting on with other things around the house.
  3. Fits on head nicely without feeling as though it will drop off or being too heavy.
  4. Available in different colours - white, pink and brown.
  5. Good price for the amount of usage you will get from it if you deep condition as much as me.
  6. Comes with very clear instructions and is  pretty easy to use.
I think there are only a few downsides to the hair therapy wrap to be honest:
  1. Suggested usage time is 20 minutes. I prefer to deep condition for longer than that though so I took it off and carried on without it.
  2. The plastic caps provided are quite thin - mine ripped despite gentle handling.
Overall thoughts - A great purchase!

Hair Therapy Wraps are available from Amazon, Gidore.com, Curly Emporium.co.uk, Akuawood.co.uk and the Hair therapy website.  
The cheapest selling price seems to be Curly Emporium's at £19.99! Bargain. 


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