19 January 2014

Hair Talk With Patricia

What's your name and what do you do?
I'm Patricia and I'm doing a top up course in Banking and Finance at Derby University

How long have you been natural for?
7 months, since June 2013

Can you describe your hair in 3 words?
Short, natural and sexy

So you recently big chopped - How long ago was this and what made you decide to go for it?
7 months ago I decided to big chop.
I was beginning to lose my hair line due to having braids and weaves. I wanted to be able to leave my hair out in the future without being ashamed of it. Plus I really got inspired by someone else who did their big chop 3 years ago and now has amazing hair :O (@kulchicbeauty)

How did your family and friends react to your short hair and what were your initial thoughts after cutting it?
My dad doesn't like it to date and got me to have braids in for my brother's wedding :( 
and the rest said it suits me...With a few friends trying to get me to put a weave on. Huh no !!!
My initial thoughts - I didn't like it!
Had to wear a turban scarf or a wig I bought when I was out the house. 
It was only two weeks after when I tried using the twist and lock gel on a sponge with little circular wholes in that I thought it looked cool and left it out. Found out about this method from youtube (@nudred). 

What are your essential hair products now?
Any sulphate free shampoo, Water, 100% Shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, eco styler gel

Do you have a basic hair regime and if so what does it involve?
 The more it grows the less I wash it. I wash my hair every 3 days now and towel dry it, put coconut oil in my roots, shea butter all over, comb it through and begin my two strand twist all over my hair and sleep with it in. 
In the morning I untwist it using more coconut oil on my fingertips and style it using my eco styler. 
The next 2 days I would just spray water on when I'm ready and use the eco styler to revive the curls. 

What has been the hardest thing about going short?
The first two weeks was hard, Just missing my weave after cutting it :( 
Also now that its cold and windy, i can really feel it in my head. A part from this Im happy with it. 

Do you have any advise for ladies considering big chopping or who have recently big chopped?
 They should be strong, they might not like it straight away as its a big change. 
I always say to myself that it has been the best investment that I have ever made for healthy hair growth and proud of it and its future results. 
Always watch videos of other people that have done it in the past for inspiration and tips :)