23 September 2013

The Woman in The Jungle Natural Hair and Beauty Show

This post is way overdue, but better late than never right?

I've only been to one natural hair show before so I still wasn't completely sure what to expect, but I was hoping for a good day out and that's what I got. The day was full of a range of people giving interactive talks on all things hair, skincare, beauty and even healthy eating and lots of vendors selling great products.

I didn't get to make it to all of the talks because I got distracted by all the stands just outside the main room (oops). There were so many vendors - It was great.  There were stands there from some amazing UK brands selling beauty and hair products as well as jewellery, magazines, scarves and more. And there was also some favourites from across the pond like Jane Carter and Curls.. I was in my element!

I ended up leaving with some Hibiscus powder, Rhassoul Clay Powder , Earrings and a ring from Meen Clothing and Naturally Made for You Exfoliator and Body Butter!

I really have to give a special mention to  the Naturally Made products I bought. They make my skin feel soft like butter, I love them! The prices were reasonable too and the company owner was so lovely to chat too! It's a brand I would definitely recommend.

It was really amazing to see so many naturals all in one place! I saw so many different hairstyles that day and I managed to snap a few of my favourites. This lady's hair was amazing - it looked so healthy and full, I had to take a photo.
As for these locs - I completely love this updo!
The atmosphere was really friendly so it was a great chance to meet lots of other people who are interested in natural hair too ( I say people because it wasn't only women there, there were a few men representing too which was nice to see).

It was a really good opportunity to learn a little bit more about natural hair and how to care for it. I think it was definitely suitable for newly naturals, people who have been natural all their lives and also relaxed ladies wanting to learn a bit more about natural hair - Thats a hard balance to find but I think they pulled it off. The talks were interactive and there was opportunity for people to give their opinions and cause discussion which was pretty interesting. Overall, a really great day and I'm looking forward to next year's.

I've put all the photos I took on the Kinks, Curls and More Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/KinksCurlsAndMore 

1 September 2013

Tips for Achieving&Maintaining the Best Twist-Outs

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about twistouts and how to achieve and maintain good ones. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I wear twistouts the majority of the time - they're my all time fave!

Anyway, I thought I'd sum up all my tips and the things I've found to work for my twistouts in this post. Not all the things that work for my hair  will work for everybody's hair type, but I think they're work sharing either way. Enjoy :)

Achieving the twistout

1. Ensure hair is well moisturised and sealed before twisting - By moisturising and then sealing with an oil or butter all the moisture is being locked into the hair prior to twisting, so that once it is untwisted it will still be moisturised. This will stop the hair looking dry and frizzy and have the curls popping, looking moisturised and healthy. I have also found this helps to make the curls last too

2. For a more stretched look - air dry hair 70% before twisting - I have found that when my hair is drier rather than soaking wet, the twistout has more volume and looks less shrunken. Its a matter of personal preference whether you like them with a bit of shrinkage or you prefer them to be more stretched out.

3. Make sure hair is fully detangled and smooth before twisting  - Ensuring hair is smooth and detangled will make it a lot easier to untwist and help give sleeker curls.

4. Stop twisting hair about an inch before the ends of your hair and finger coil the ends - this leaves a more natural looking curl on the ends.

5. Let hair dry 100% before untwisting- Allow drying time when you plan to do a twist out. If you unravel the twists before they are completely dry the chances are that your hair will be frizzy as a result. Curls tend to be more defined and smooth when the hair has fully dried in the twists.

6. For a more defined look use a product with 'hold' - You can simply add some gel to your hair whilst twisting or use a product that states it has hold and is great for defining. By using these twists will create very defined curls and give a less fluffy look. I wouldn't recommend using either of these if you like a more fluffy look. I prefer the fluffy look so rarely add any product with hold. If I do it will only be on the ends to keep the curls very defined there, but they usually hold well just with oil.

7. Be careful when untwisting - If you want to keep defined curls and make it easier to maintain them then take care when untwisting. If you do flatwists for your twistouts this will cause the hair to separate quite a lot naturally when untwisting. Separate your curls more or less depending on the look that you want to achieve. Just know that if you separate your curls to much they will probably just end up frizzy. Also, by adding a little bit of oil to your hands when untwisting you will add a nice shine to the hair.

8. Use an afro pick for a more volume - If you love to have BIG hair then by using a pick to tease your roots after untwisting your hair you will achieve amazing volume. If you want to keep the definition of the curls then only tease the roots, don't use the pick to comb out any curls elsewhere.

Maintaining the twist out