18 August 2013

Hairspiration: Yaya Alafia

Who remembers Yaya from ANTM back in the day? Ever since I watched her on there I have been loving her hair. Recently she's been wearing some beautiful styles and generally just looking AMAZING. Maybe this is part of her 'pregnancy glow'? - Who knows. All I know is that she's been generating some serious hair envy and a lot of hair inspiration.

September 2013 issue of InStyle Magazine

13 August 2013

Good Hair Day: Wet Twist Out/Wash & Go

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I'm not exactly sure what style my 'Good hair day' was. Whether it was a wet twist out or wash and go, it really doesn't matter to me because I loved it either way so I had to share it.

 The planned style was a wet twist out, however I only had around 3 hours to get ready and wash my hair before going out, so I knew that my flat twists wouldn't have time to dry in time but I put them in anyway. I managed to keep them in for around 2 hours after washing my hair, but as you can imagine my hair was still pretty damp when I took them out. Due to this my hair had maintained more of its natural curls rather than setting in the shape of the curls formed by the flat twists so it came out looking more like a wash and go.

Products used:   Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk
                          Almond Oil

Usually whenever I do wash & go's I never wear my hair out, but immediately put my hair into a puff and wear that style for the duration until the next wash day. This is mainly because my curls usually look shrunken and I'm never quite feeling that look on me. Not to mention the single strand knots dryness that usually follow which always make me regret doing the style.

This style on the other hand came out like a less shrunken wash and go which was PERFECT for me. Plus due to the slight stretching of the hair, I didn't feel like I had been cursed by the single strand knot fairy! So it turns out that being in a rush wasn't such a bad thing, because I was completely loving the results of this accidental style. It ended up being the perfect summer style and solved all my wash and go problems.