30 May 2013

My Hair Modelling Experience for Strength of Nature

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be a hair model for Strength of Nature at Curlvolution, Afro Hair and Beauty Live and Brit Beauty.  Curlvolution and Brit Beauty were the first natural hair events I've ever been to so I was SUPER excited... It's safe to say they did not disappoint.

Over the weekend I had my hair styled by award winning stylist Charlotte Mensah, so on Friday I went to get my hair treated and prepped at her salon, Hair Lounge.

After deep conditioning using Beautiful Textures' Rapid Repair, my hair was blowdried and then the bottom half was braided upwards. The top was sprayed with water to give it some 'puffiness', put into chunky twists using Beautiful Textures' Curl Control and pinned to create this amazing style.
As much as I loovee to see these updo's on other people, I've never really thought they would suit me so I've stayed away from it. I have to admit it took a while for me to get used to it, but once I did I LOVED it. All the models got hooked up with our makeup too over the weekend and had our faces looking on point. You can find the MUA on instagram @beatbybeni.

Over the weekend Charlotte showcased how she created this look using the Beautiful Textures products and recreated the top section during live demonstrations. I even had the chance to work the runway at AHBL!

 I was also able to meet the lovely Strength of Nature team who came over from the US for these events, which was great. AND they bought the one and only Afrobella with them who I managed to steal a picture with (and yes, she's even more sweet and friendly than she looks.. and she looks super friendly).

All in all it was an amazing experience and I'm really grateful to Pelumi of Care For Your Hair for the opportunity. I got the chance to meet so many great people including the lovely girls I was modelling with! Plus I also came away with a crazy big selection of Strength of Nature goodies. If you don't know their brands then they include: Beautiful Textures, Elasta QP, Profectiv Mega Growth, African Pride, Profectiv Growth Renew, Profectiv Relax and Refresh.

I'll be doing my first give away with some Strength of Nature goodies so make sure you're subscribed for a chance to win :)

Some of the other lovely girls modelling for Strength of Nature at the weekend 

Models with Charlotte Mensah (stylist)


21 May 2013

Update: Exams & Natural Hair Events

Well, its fair to say its been a while since I posted (apart from the deep conditioner post). Why? Because I've been busy drowning in a sea of revision. But now I finally have my freedom back - I've finished my second year at uni so there's going to be blog posts galore!

Hair update:

As far as my hair goes for this exam season... its not been pretty. I definitely found myself neglecting my hair in favour of the books, as sad as I am to admit this. My hair has been in the mighty, forever faithful, always triumphant - PUFF... for about 2 weeks. (as you can see in the pic above).

I can't lie, although it looked alright, bwoi did it feel the complete opposite. It felt so dry and neglected. So as I type I'm sat with my coconut oil pre-poo on, ready to fix this hot mess tomorrow.

Natural Hair Events in London:

I'm sure a lot of you already know that this bank holiday weekend is going to be one crazy weekend for UK naturalistas.
Here's what's going on...

25th 2013 May - Curlvolution's Curlfriends Day Out

For further info and tickets check it out here

26th - 27th 2013 May Afro Hair and Beauty Live

Details here

27th May 2013 (Evening) - BritBeauty

Sold Out!!

I'll be attending all of the events this weekend which I'm super excited about. I'll be posting regular updates of all the goings on via my twitter and instagram so make sure you're following me on these! Also I'll give a full run down on the events in a post at some point next week.

Mixtress #1: Yogurt and Honey Deep Conditioner

3-4 Tablespoons Natural Yogurt
2 Tablespoons Honey
1 Tablespoon Castor oil (or any other of your choice)

Leave in for 45 minutes

I just used the small pot of yogurt that I bought rather than measuring it out and it was the perfect amount for my hair. I figured that it was roughly around 3 tbsps though.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair you may need to add more yogurt so there is enough to cover your entire head well.

A thick yogurt like Onken is ideal as it makes the mixture less runny and the whole process a lot less messy!


Yogurt - Helps eliminate frizz. Probiotics help combat dry, itchy scalp. Gentle cleanser. Moisturising. Great for detangling. Protein helps strengthen hair. Encourage hair growth.

Honey - Natural humectant so it helps attract and retain moisture. Adds shine. 


Frizz free. Defined. Very moisturised and soft.
 What more could a girl want?